Business Skills

After completing my diploma program in Business Administration, I’ve become knowledgeable in a variety of skills, including communication, entrepreneurship and social media marketing. I’ve completed my own business plan, and evaluated the social media presence of a local company.

Computer Science Skills

While currently completing my Computer Science degree, my knowledge of coding is increasing. My next year will be spent learning about Data Structures, Computer Networks, and Interactive Simulation Methods. Languages Learnt: Assembly, C++, HTML5.0 and CSS. 

Social Media Marketing Skills

Between learning about social media in my Business Administration diploma, I am increasing my knowledge through I’ve completed certifications in SEO, digital marketing, content marketing and agile project management. This website is assisting as practical application of this knowledge.

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Awesome human being! I can understand how she won Time's Person of the Year Award back in '06.

Random Person Times Magazine Spokesperson


As the job market is moving more and more towards a ‘gig-based economy’ (click here for a link to an article in the Guardian about this), a portfolio has become something of a necessity for anyone entering the work force.

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