My name is Samantha Rodgers. I go by Sam in my day to day life, and at this point, only my mum really calls me Samantha.

I am a second year university student studying Computer Science. I received a Business Administration diploma back in 2014. I was out of the post secondary education field for about two years before coming back in the fall of 2016.


Like a lot of people my age, my skills and hobbies are kind of an eclectic mess. I knit to make Christmas Presents. I run to keep active. I am constantly listening to music and try to mix stuff in my spare time. I enjoy taking pictures of wildlife, and might actually buy a proper camera rather than my cellphone at some point. I volunteer my time when I can, doing a variety of things, including spending time working with the Girl Guides of Canada.

Key Achievements

  • I’ve completed my two year Business Administration Degree in a year and a half.

Find Me Online

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