Looping Tangent is something of an accumulation of my personal brand. This is the location of where all of my projects will start from.

The Name of the Company

The name Looping Tangent came to me in a fever dream…. Okay, that’s a lie, but I’ve always wanted to say that. At the time of the creation of the title I was planning on completing a degree in computer science and mathematics. I was playing around with google and different terms, and Looping Tangent didn’t have anything previously attached to it. I ran with it for a variety of reasons. One of my favourite awful jokes involves why redheads and tangents. My writing and my personality tends to be described as a little loopy. I tend to think in tangents, and most times, use this to my advantage.

It was one of those random word combinations that, the more I thought about it, the more I liked it, and it suited me.

Company Description

I’ve been creating WordPress websites now for about five and a half years. I’ve gone through a fair number, and a variety of different plans with them.

I started with UtterlySam.com in early 2013, which was to be the location of my personal brand. It evolved into being a website with the plan of becoming a focal point of a series of articles and videos on dressing professionally in the work force.

As UtterlySam.com was no longer for my portfolio, I created EntirelySam.com, which would house my portfolio, as well as a blog about marketing practices. Due to a project for my Business Administration diploma, it was going to become a series of articles to assist older generation business owners to using smartphones, website construction, and social media in a business. This ended up being scrapped as an idea in late 2014, and the website sat with my portfolio until late 2016, when due to an error, the whole website was deleted.

As I needed to start from scratch, I figured I needed to refresh my website, and ended up choosing Looping Tangent as a new name for my portfolio. During the two years the website had been sitting idle, I hadn’t been. I’d moved across the country (again), and started working on a computer science degree. The rest, they say, was discussed above this page.

Mission Statement

Looping Tangent aids and encourages others to reach beyond what they believe to be their limits. We are continuously trying and  learning new things, and share our newfound knowledge with others. We inspire others to question presupposed thoughts, and realize that what they believed was an end is also a beginning. We challenge predetermined facts about ourselves and others, set goals, and let nothing stand in the way of accomplishing them.

I used an awesome article to help out with creating a mission statement. Click here for that article.

Vision Statement

Looping Tangent is a consistent part of my life, and a place to showcase my talents and abilities, support my growth, and broadcast my current projects.

I used an awesome article to help out with creating a vision statement. Click here for that article.


Currently the tagline of the website is: “Strive for Progress, not Perfection”.

Fall Seven Times, Rise Eight

Strive for Progress, not Perfection

Boilerplate Statement

How to Write an Effective Boilerplate

Company Goals

It’s always best to have specific reasons for starting something, and at this point, as they haven’t been achieved, they are currently goals.

The big focus of this whole company is creating a personal brand for myself, and showing my knowledge of a variety of fields, and working to become a subject matter expert.

Secondary goals for this website are helping educate people, young girls in particular, about mathematics, coding, and the sciences. While I know that women are becoming more and more involved in the sciences, the field of computer science is having the opposite experience.* 

The other half of this educational goal is to encourage others who’ve left or been forced to leave university that there are other options than just knucking down and working elsewhere in life. Millennials as a generation, I feel, have been taught at a very young age that the only way to get anywhere in life is to have a degree. However, as the job economy evolves, there are more and more ways of getting to the point that you want in life. I’ve gone through these experiences myself, and I found myself lost for a while. If I can help people going through some of the same realizations, or even get to the point where some people actively find alternate directions, I would be happy.

Website Goals

While the website is a subproduct/subproject of the company, it does have it’s own goals, which are more specific to the website development.

The foremost goal is creating a name for myself, and building up my personal brand. Consistently creating content that is educational or good advice is the goal at this point. I want to have a portfolio set up, which links to projects that I have previously completed, as well as any current or future projects currently being worked on.

Secondly, this website is hopefully going to be a source of ‘passive income’. Through affiliate programs, I hope to earn a little bit of money.

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