As the job market is moving more and more towards a ‘gig-based economy’ (click here for a link to an article in the Guardian about this), a portfolio has become something of a necessity for anyone entering the work force. A portfolio allows workers to keep track of all work experiences they’ve had. It becomes a physical representation of previous experiences. More and more, people don’t want to hear about what you’ve done, but rather see what you’ve done. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

As such, the following is an electronic version of Samantha Rodgers’ portfolio, my portfolio. The goal is to give you an idea of my earlier history, my current abilities, and my future ambitions.

A Quick Explanation

There are two ways of going through this portfolio. The first is where you can click links to see examples of work in the traditional resume format. If you would prefer this version, click the Resume button below.

The second option is to go through the sections as described below. They tend to go through their own sub-topics, similar to a résumé. The topics, however, are a bit more varied. The Goals and Plans button will bring you to a list of my current goals with a history of goals I’ve accomplished. The Skills button will bring you to a list of my current skills, including an idea of how proficient I am in each. The Resume button will bring you to an embedded copy of my résumé, which has links to proof of skills for everything mentioned. The Examples of Work will bring you to a series of pages that contain earlier work completed by myself, either through my education or through work experience.

Goals and Plans

Skill Tree/List


Examples of Work