The following list is Samantha Rodgers’ professional goals, as well as some personal goals. Also listed here are the goals for any projects Looping Tangent is working on. (Last Updated June 27, 2017)

Samantha Rodgers’ Personal and Professional Goals

These are my personal and professional goals for the next 5+ years:

Find a Part-Time Job for the Coming School Year

For August 31, 2017
Having a source of income means that I will be able to pay for classes and the circle of life continues on. The goal aspect is finding something that I would like to do, or that can improve my portfolio long-term, and not just finding a ‘job’.



Add Banners and Images Around the Website

For September 30, 2017
I’ve been looking into learning how to work things like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, and having a goal in mind when learning them seems like a good idea.



Create a Theme for this Website

For August 31, 2018
This is going to be a project for next summer for me, just for real world application of what I am learning in school.



Become Fluent in French

For December 31, 2018
I have learned French off and on for most of my schooling career. I’d like to get to the point where I can officially say that I am bilingual (and maybe start working on another language after that)

  • I am working through the Duolingo French program at this time. I have also been looking into a certificate or something along those lines.


Complete University Degree with Honours and Co-op Designation

For June 30, 2020
I am now enrolled at the University of Regina, having just completed my first year of a Mathematics and Computer Science Degree. I am working on my first co-op work term with the University’s Centre for Continuing Education as an Instructional Designer Assistant. See Resume for more details. Other things I am doing

  • I have an outline of the courses I want to take for the next 3 years, and a plan in place for the next two co-op work terms


Stay on the Deans List for the Duration of My Degree

For June 30, 2020
I have been very successful with my courses so far, so I don’t feel like that is much of a stretch given earlier marks.



Complete Project Management Certificate Hours

For December 31, 2022
I am logging the hours I am working as an Instructional Design Assistant during the summer of 2017 and should have about 400+ at the end.

  • I hope to have future co-op internships that will allow me to continue with adding to the number of accumulated hours. If not, I will look at some volunteer, or part-time opportunities that can add to the hours accumulated
  • The courses will be tackled during the times I am out of university (either working in a co-op or once fully graduated


Run a Marathon

For August 31, 2023
My focus is being able to run 5k. I found I got in a lot better shape in this past year than I had been before, however, given where I started originally, that’s not saying much.

  • I am using a lovely program that I whole-heartedly recommend to anyone interested in going from the couch to 5k, or even walking for half an hour every so often. Zombies, Run! is the name of the app (link to the website here). It’s a series of apps, with both a C25k beginners and a main app. It is fantastic. I might write a review on it somewhere, but if you think zombies chasing you might make you run or keep you in shape, it is something to take a look into.


Looping Tangent’s Website and Social Media Goals

These goals will be specifically for expanding this professional website:

Have a Website Plan and Social Media Plan in Place

For July 31, 2017
As a CS major, this does sound kind of dumb, but I think it creating these documents are important. It aids in determining the focus and goals of the website. It also shows that I am able to create these documents and update them as time goes on. And to be able to do all this is step one.



Have a Blog Posting According to Website Plan

For August 31, 2017
This is just a goal to have the website operation in reference to the blogging aspect by a specific date. Basically I want to be at the point where I am consistently uploading as per the schedule I set out in the plan.



Have 100+ People Following on All Social Media Pages

For October 31, 2017
The plan to carry out the last point, and continuously update everything. People follow presences. No presence, no followers.







100+ People Visiting Website per Month

For December 31, 2017
The big plan is keeping up with content on this website, and making sure to publicize everything that gets posted on this website



Samantha Rodgers’ ‘Bucket List’ Goals

These goals are less goals and more of a professional bucket list. Things that would be fantastic and amazing and feel somewhat unrealistic now, but are big picture things I’m moving towards.

  1. Be invited to speak at a seminar, or on a panel.
  2. Do a public speaking tour, or even just a TEDTalks.
  3. Write a novel/book

Completed Goals